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    Battlefield 3 Update

    The Imperial Alliance Battlefield 3 Division is going strong! We have a great server population and the matches are extremely fun! We are currently hosting a 48 player Vanilla Conquest Large Server. The server is in the top 4% of all BF3 servers in terms of population. Soon we will be implementing the long awaited....

    Among the new expansion is the LARGEST map to ever come out in any Battlefield game! There will also be many new vehicles including the long awaited AC-130H Spectre Gunship!!! I know we have soldiers ready, want to join?

    We are accepting new members!!! Feel free to set up a forum account and join us on vent!

    Although things are going well, we need your help. Please sign up and donate to the server fund!

    We will more than likely be instituting a reserved slot system for donations. There will be a limited amount of slots. Contact MyHouseHasWheels for more info.
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