It will be 2 years, 8 months, and 15 days on March 12th since Starcraft 2: wings of liberty was released. The long and grueling 2 years is coming to a close. As SC2: HotS Beta ends on the 1st of march, People will be waiting for the arrival of the most anticipated expansion to their favorite game.

For those who didnt have time or got into the beta, rejoice! we have less than 1 month to wait and A Big patch is coming out. The patch will consist of some of the UI features that SC2: HotS will have, Including: CLAN and GROUP channels!!!

This means we should probably try to get slightly more active again. Now that we will soon have clan channels, we should invite our friends, families, pets, and whom ever, to come join us in the fun.

They talk about clans, UI, and other Social network on this video they posted a month ago if you're curious to see.

Patch 2.0.4:
  • All New User Interface with menu screens
  • Players Near You, so you can find other StarCraft II players on your local network.
  • The launch of the in-game clans and groups
  • New Replay features
  • New matchmaking options: Training Mode, Vs. AI Mode, and Unranked Play.

IMPORTANT: The background download for Wings of Liberty patch 2.0.4 was activated on February 9. I strongly encourage all players, who would like to come back or be prepared, to leave the launcher running for an extended period of time at some point over the next few days to ensure that you’re ready to play when the patch goes live. If you want to wait till the patch actually comes out, it will take 20-60 mins to download the patch, maybe even longer.

I Hope you starcraft players are as excited as I am. I know I have been waiting for groups and/or clan channels for 2 years. I REALLY HOPE they are true to their words this time around.