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    100 Members in 2 Weeks

    Congratulations to our 100th member, Atomicjango! He is the 100th person to join the clan since we redid our website two weeks ago.

    Great job everyone! The new website has been a big success, our e-mail campaigns have brought back many old IA members, and in-game recruitment has been excellent (especially in Battlefield 3). Additionally, all three of our servers are now top-ranked on GameTracker.

    In the weeks to come, I would like to focus on increasing in-game recruitment and promoting more Captains to assist with this. If you are interested in being active and recruiting in your division, please contact your division's General and ask what you can do to be promoted to Captain. You can find a list of our Captains and Generals on our roster.

    Additionally, don't forget to keep visiting the forum! You have to have logged in within the last 30 days to be listed on the roster.

    Thanks guys!
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