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    Battlefield 3 Server!

    I would like to inform everyone that the Battlefield 3 Server is officially up and active!

    On just our second day of having the server, we managed to pull in a few recruits and get it filled up. I'd love to see us continue that trend. If you don't already own a copy and have a computer that can run it, I'd highly recommend this game to you. If not, there are definitely other ways you can support the division. We're encouraging all gaming members to get on vent whenever possible to assist in recruitment and just in general maintain a presence. For all new Battlefield members, welcome and we hope to see you fragging!

    Here is some basic information regarding the clan's presence in Battlefield 3 and its' server.

    Server IP:
    Server Name: [iMP] Conquest 500 Tix, Fast Vehicle Spawn, 2p Start
    Battlelog Address:
    Battlelog platoon:
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