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    Hey everybody. Welcome to our brand new vBulletin forum! It's been years since we changed forums and we're excited to be upgrading.

    Some of the features that vBulletin offers:
    • New front page! Integrated with the forum
    • New skins
    • Clan management stuff like roster, applications, etc.
    • Better admin panel
    • An excuse to get everyone back here at the same time :-)

    Please go ahead and register (without your IA- tag!) There's no admin activation so once you verify your e-mail you can start posting right away.

    After registration, don't forget to check your email to activate your account!

    In a week or so we will close down the old forum, so if there's any posts you want to save or transfer over, you may want to do that now.

    Feel free to post feedback on the change in this thread. We're still tweaking some settings, so if we need to up a postsize limit or allow some attachment, let us know.

    And a huge round of applause to IA-El_Cupcake for spending way more time configuring this thing than I did.

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