Just wanted to keep everyone in the loop, here's whats going on with the BF3 Division.


We are rapidly approaching our 75 member goal! Hopefully within a few days or a week or so we'll have met that goal and can focus more on retention, clan-building exercises, and in general bringing the Division closer together. Don't think this is the place to slack though, we just have to focus our efforts in other areas, while maintaining a watchful eye on our member list.

Our Servers

As can be seen below from my previous news post, our servers are doing exceptionally well. We are the owners of a top 400 server (soon to be 300) and our newly acquired B2K server is doing terrific. As I write this post, both servers are filled and we have about 15 people in vent playing BF3 alone. Fantastic activity everyone!

Upcoming Scrim, Clan In-Houses, and TWL

We have a scheduled scrim for March 4th, another news post will be made after the scrim to let people know how it went. We also have been having twice a week clan in-houses featured on our new private server. These in-houses take place every Wednesday and Saturday and are Rush and TDM respectively. We are also starting a couple of TWL teams, and hopefully there should be a lot more news to come on that front.

Keep it up, everyone!