So we've got a relatively stabilized beta build, with 1.2.3 and I'm working on deploying it right now.
We're running with
sk89q Suite (command book, worldguard, worldedit)

These are the baseline plugins we need to function as a server. During the initial phases, working with a beta build, we are going to keep it with these 3+ plugins. We will do everything we can to preserver anything you create during this beta phase, but cannot guaranteed everything will work, or that the server wont decide to corrupt chunks. We'll try to run manual backups nightly in case of catastrophic failure, but until we are on a recommended build, stability is not guaranteed. We wont be implementing larger plugins until we are on a reccomended build.

Until then, enjoy 1.2.3!

As a side note, traffic is exponentially increasing currently due to the 1.2.3 update. Come play with us!