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    SC2 Future and Current members.

    First off I would like to say to our possible future SC2 members, Welcome!

    Future Tournaments

    I have some news for those that are interested in Competitive play! We currently have a Tournament Site up and running for our SC2 division! The link to the page for brackets, sign ups, etc., are located here. If anyone is interested in joining for future tournaments, please PM me or contact one of the SC2 captains to get an account on the tournaments web page.

    We plan on holding a weekly tournament on Sunday evenings starting on the 18th. We also plan on doing 2 Prize tournaments once a month. More details about future tournaments are posted HERE!

    Addressing to the SC2 Community

    We are trying to expand our SC2 community as fast as possible and we would like EVERYONE, if possible, to try and recruit. Our recruitment drive is to try to bring in MORE people that we can play with, and to be able to have more participants for our Future tournaments. We currently have a recruitment guide if you are unsure how to recruit. This guide will help you figure out how to bring in more people.

    Wouldn't it be great to be able to log on sc2 and always have someone there to be able to play with on the games that you love?

    Please be sure to log onto our Vent when you are playing SC2. You can mute bindings and sound if you want, I don't mind. I just want our SC2 community to look good, show our activity, and look good/active for our possible future recruits =)

    I must remind you all that we DO have a clan channel on SC2. The channel is under the name "Clan IA", Please set up your options to auto join the channel. By doing so you must go to Options> tab> under chat channel, Check mark "auto-join private channels." For the auto join to work: you MUST NOT close the clan channel before you log off.

    I hope to see all you SC2 members and Future recruits in the upcoming Tournaments!
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