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New TeamSpeak Server (+ Closing the Ventrilo Server)

Mar 18, 2014 - 9:47 PM - by Phoenix
Hello everyone,

MyHouseHasWheels and I purchased a TeamSpeak 3 server for the clan today. It is 25-slots and we can upgrade it if it gets busy. Come check it out! I think you will find the voice quality is much better than Ventrilo. When people talk it is a lot less choppy.

Download TeamSpeak 3: http://teamspeak.com/?page=downloads

Clan IA TeamSpeak IP: ts.clania.net:4465

The server currently has 4 ranks: Admin (A), Member (IA), Friend (F), and Guest ( ). Log on and ask an admin to set your rank for you. You will not need to create a password like you did in Ventrilo. With TeamSpeak the program scans your hardware and creates a hash, so whenever you are on that computer the server will recognize you.

I started with some basic channels: Server Lobby, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, League of Legends, Minecraft, Battlefield 3, Leadership Lounge, and Away From Keyboard. If you have any requests for specific channels or games, post in this thread and we'll consider creating a channel for you.

I hope you guys like the new server. Please use the TeamSpeak instead of the Ventrilo. We'll be closing the Ventrilo server in a couple of months after everybody gets used to the TeamSpeak. If you'd like to help us out with our Ventrilo and TeamSpeak payments, you can visit the Donations Page.

Thanks guys.
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New Releases

Aug 16, 2013 - 5:03 PM - by Phoenix
Hello all,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on some cool games have been released this year or are going to be released soon:

Star Wars: Rise of the Hutt Cartel - April 14, 2013

DOTA 2 - July 9, 2013

Battlefield 4 - October 29, 2013

Call of Duty: Ghosts - November 5, 2013

Tom Clancy's The Division - Q4 2014

If you play any of these games, we could really use your help! If you are interested in helping IA to start a division in any of these games, please let me know.

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Closing Minecraft Server

Apr 16, 2013 - 12:05 AM - by Stragis
Dear Imperial Alliance Minecraft Community Members,
Do you know when we first started minecraft? It was November 17th, 2010. At
around 12:14am PST. I posted on the minecraftforum.net to find someone to
help me test a preliminary setup. A player named BLank3t responded, and
joined the server. BLank3t didn't stick around past just helping me get
setup. I think my first true staff member was Sabin6120.
In those days, the main place to advertise servers was on
mineccraftforum.net. That holds most of the archive of our history.
Around December 20th 2010 Minecraftforum.net, I think it was with the
release of beta Minecraft, reset their server boards. I still have archived
the Alpha post.

So, why am I telling you all this? I want you to see how far, and how
long, we've come (lol). Upon writing this, it is 4/11/2013. That means its
been 2 years, 4 months, 25 days. That's 21,024 hours. How many minutes you
ask? 1,261,440 Seconds? Well, that's just silly. About 75,686,400. .

So, how much did all this cost? If we're talking hosting costs. Holding
the constant of JUST our current provider @ $70/mo that's $2,030. Looks
tiny right? Well, the cost we have now is only $70/mo because we are much
smaller right now than we have been. I also have a 'relationship' with our
provider. I was one of his first Minecraft customers. I left his hosting
service, and eventually returned. He offered me a good rate because I
require very little support. I do most of the Sys-admin stuff myself, and
his system is very well automated for the rest.

How much did it really cost? For about a year, we were on a dedicated
machine which cost $210/mo. Now, the normal retail price for such a
machine, on such a network, is around $350. Once again, a relationship with
the provider did us well. For that provider, I ran their social media
presence, and forums. Cost for total run time? $6,090

Somewhere between the two numbers, would give an idea for our run
costs, JUST on hosting. There are other costs, premium plugins,
advertising just to name two. We haven't even broken into 'man hour costs'
what it would cost to employ someone with the required knowledge to
administrate such a server.
Lets just say, it has been a labor of love on my part. Thus I work for

I provided this data so that our donors would have some sort of idea on
how much they have helped us keep going for so long. God knows my pockets
could never have handled the burden alone, though a great chunk of the
costs came out of my own pockets. You could say I pay to work here! I must
have loved it right?

I could never have 'worked here' alone though either. To all the people
who have helped me along the way, I can't thank you enough. I'm not going
to name any specific names, because I don't want any of my helpers to feel
under valued. I would like to say, thank you for giving our community part
of your life.

Well, ladies and gentlemen as this comes to a close. A quote comes to
There is no real ending. Itís just the place where you stop the story.
-Frank Herbert

Another, which I hope you all consider us friends. Because our entire
relationship is based upon playing together!
Laughter is not at all a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is far
the best ending for one.
- Oscar Wilde

On the note of Laughter, I request your input. How shall we stop this
story? Some sort of amazing explosion? A serene bridge crossing? An epic
Please be as concise as possible, I will be reading through each and
every response. Then the top 'endings' will be voted on.
The submissions will be open until 4/18/13. Following their close, I
will send out another e-mail for voting to begin.

Warmest Regards,

P.S. I will release our final map, in two forms, before, and after
whatever our 'ending' seems to be.
Also, I know a great graphic designer who is looking for work. So, if
you know somone hiring, or have some work needing to be done yourself,
please let me know via e-mail.
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Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Emerging SOON!

Feb 16, 2013 - 9:10 AM - by Akari

It will be 2 years, 8 months, and 15 days on March 12th since Starcraft 2: wings of liberty was released. The long and grueling 2 years is coming to a close. As SC2: HotS Beta ends on the 1st of march, People will be waiting for the arrival of the most anticipated expansion to their favorite game.

For those who didnt have time or got into the beta, rejoice! we have less than 1 month to wait and A Big patch is coming out. The patch will consist of some of the UI features that SC2: HotS will have, Including: CLAN and GROUP channels!!!

This means we should probably try to get slightly more active again. Now that we will soon have clan channels, we should invite our friends, families, pets, and whom ever, to come join us in the fun.

They talk about clans, UI, and other Social network on this video they posted a month ago if you're curious to see.

Patch 2.0.4:
  • All New User Interface with menu screens
  • Players Near You, so you can find other StarCraft II players on your local network.
  • The launch of the in-game clans and groups
  • New Replay features
  • New matchmaking options: Training Mode, Vs. AI Mode, and Unranked Play.

IMPORTANT: The background download for Wings of Liberty patch 2.0.4 was activated on February 9. I strongly encourage all players, who would like to come back or be prepared, to leave the launcher running for an extended period of time at some point over the next few days to ensure that youíre ready to play when the patch goes live. If you want to wait till the patch actually comes out, it will take 20-60 mins to download the patch, maybe even longer.

I Hope you starcraft players are as excited as I am. I know I have been waiting for groups and/or clan channels for 2 years. I REALLY HOPE they are true to their words this time around.

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Patch 1.04 Diablo 3!

Aug 20, 2012 - 12:35 PM - by wHaCkEd
Diablo 3 is having some exciting changes being brought to it in Patch 1.04. They are addressing issues like class balance, magic find, and difficulty towards the long inferno grind.

Here are some of the changes:

Overall system changes: -

  • They are completely removing averaging magic find from the game, which was a great start to patching up the grind and making it more enjoyable for larger parties.
  • Reducing health multipliers and just making it a flat 75% increase of health.
  • Enrage timers and health resets are also being thrown out.
  • Adding new affixes to weapons to make them better.

Paragon System - The Paragon System is like an additional 100 levels to obtain on any of your level 60 characters. Every level gives you additional core stats, a cool portrait banner, and 3% magic find and gold find per level. With this change they have increased the MF and GF caps to 300%. This system basically allows you to swap out more and more of your magic find set to kill mobs faster. Nephalem Valor also adds 15% increased experience gain towards your Paragon levels.

Class balancing - All of the classes are being tweaked, for the better this patch. They have heard our cries and have decided to help us out.

Barbarian Changes
Witch Doctor
Demon Hunter

Overall these changes feel pretty great. Hopefully they will increase activity and we can get back into the swing of things.

Still waiting for the PvP patch.
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